How to improve Eclipse Performance

  1. Remove unwanted activation of some of the plugins at start-up by going to windows–>preference–>General–>Startup and shutdown. Also make sure you don’t use those plugins in any of your views
  2. Eclipse is not a word processor. Better to disable the spell check. Disabling spell check will reduce the eclipse burden by going to Windows–>Preference–>General–>Editors –> Text Editors–>Spelling
  3. When eclipse builds the project, it will delete all output folders and rebuild classes built by other compilers. We can disable such features, as deleting the output folders and rebuilding will take sometime. Goto Windows–>Preference–>Java–>Compiler–>Building
  4. Disabling label decorations which is of less use for you, will also help you to gain some performance . Goto Windows–>Preference–>General–>Appearance–>Label Decorations
  5. Close unwanted projects and use working set option to move from one group of project to another smoothly.
  6. You could also disable Eclipse automatic building, if it is not needed for you. Goto Project–>Build Automatically (uncheck it)
  7. Do not keep lot of tabs opened in the editor. Better to have around 20 tabs . Regularly close the unused tabs. To open resource we can always use ctrl+shift+R and ctrl+shift+T (java resource) instead of opening lot of tabs
  8. Disable unwanted plugins. Full J2EE eclipse version has an option to disable/uninstall plugins. Goto Help–>Software Updates–>Manage Configuration. Right click on any installed plugin to get disable option. If this option is not available then enable Classic Update by going to Windows–>Preference–>Capabilty and check classic update. Now the manage configuration option should be available in help menu
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