php Strom Shortcuts

phpStrom is basically an IDE for php but it edits JS and HTML5 files also. So we can use it for working in Sencha Touch.

To quickly see the documentation for the class or method used at the editor’s caret, press Ctrl+Q (View | Quick Documentation Lookup).
You may quickly find all places where a particular class, method or variable is used in the whole project by positioning the caret at the symbol’s name or at its usage in code and pressing Alt+F7 (Find Usages… in the popup menu).
The CodeCompletion feature allows you to quickly complete different kinds of statements in the code. For example, you may start typing a class name and pressCtrl+Space to complete it. When multiple choices are available, they are shown in the lookup list.
To open any class in the editor quickly, press Ctrl+N (Go To | Class…) and start typing the name of the class. Choose the class from a drop-down list that appears.
You can open any file in your project in a similar way by using Ctrl+Shift+N (Go To | File…)
To navigate to the declaration of a class, method or variable used somewhere in the code, position the caret at the usage and press Ctrl+B. You may also click the mouse on usages with the Ctrl key pressed to jump to declarations.
You can quickly navigate in the currently edited file with Ctrl+F12 (View | File Structure Popup).It shows the list of members of the current class. Select an element you want to navigate to and press the Enter key or the F4 key. To easily locate an item in the list, just start typing its name.
You may easily rename your classes, methods and variables with automatic correction of all places where they are used.To try it, position the editor caret at any symbol and press Shift+F6 (Refactor | Rename…). Type the new name in the dialog that appears and press Enter. You may browse all places where the variable is used and then press the Do Refactor button to finish the renaming operation.
When using Code Completion, you can accept the currently highlighted selection in the popup list with the Tab key.Unlike accepting with the Enter key, the selected name will overwrite the rest of the name to the right of the caret. This can be especially useful for replacing one method or variable name with another
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