Sencha Installization

First of all install the Xampp The easiest way is to install through installer. There may be conflict of proxies when we run xampp. So change the proxy or close other programs i.e. skype etc. Follow the instructions of installing the sencha from offical blog!/guide/getting_started In addition to sdk we also have to install cmd tool. Sometime there is conflict between the sdk and cmd tool. In this scenicro see the below link. Best editor for javascript coding Open up the GS directory(Project name ) in your favorite IDE or Text editor. The directory structure looks like this:  Here’s a description of each file and directory:

  • app – directory containing the Models, Views, Controllers and Stores for your app.
  • app.js – the main Javascript entry point for your app.
  • app.json – your app configuration file – used by the Builder to create a minified version of your app.
  • index.html – The HTML file for your app.
  • packager.json – The configuration file used by the Packager to create native versions of your app for iOS and Android app stores.
  • resources – directory containing the CSS and Images for your app
  • sdk – A copy of the Sencha Touch SDK. You shouldn’t need to change the contents of this folder.

Open app.js, the main entry point for your app, in your editor. 

    name: 'MyApp',
    models: ['User', 'Product', 'nested.Order'],
    views: ['OrderList', 'OrderDetail', 'Main'],
    controllers: ['Orders'],

    launch: function() {

In above image User, Product are our models. Similary OrderList is our view.!/guide/apps_intro

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