Developer resources

  • The my.appcelerator.com site is your portal for Titanium developer information. You can download Titanium builds, access documentation and resources, and much more via your “My Appcelerator” page.
  • The Developer Center is your source for developer news, the Developer Blog, the DevLink developer directory, and much more.

Documentation resources

Example code

You’ll find sample code, example projects, app components, and more at the following github repositories.

(Apologies for anyone we left off. This list is hardly exhaustive.)

Help and support

In addition to that






http://cssgallery.info/category/titanium-appcelerator/ (Seven days with Titanium)



JavaScript Resources

JavaScript can be a truly powerful tool when you’ve learned to how to master it. Teaching JavaScript is outside of the scope of our wiki. So, here are a few resources to help you get started.

Online and virtual courses

The following is an alphabetical list of online JavaScript course offerings that you might find helpful.

  • appendTo is a free, interactive JavaScript tutorial site that covers a lot of browser-based JavaScript. While some isn’t directly-applicable to Titanium, the Javascript learning material is excellent.
  • Codecademy is a free, interactive scripting tutorial site.
  • JavaScript Master Class is an online course offered by Amy Hoy & Thomas Fuchs. It’s expensive ($529) but seems to get good reviews.
  • Stanford’s CS101 course uses JavaScript, lecture notes and projects are available at http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs101/
  • Udemy offers paid and free video-based courses on JavaScript and other topics.

Online Books and Resources

The following are some recommended JavaScript resources, freely-available on the web, that you will likely want to refer to while you build your Titanium application.

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