PixPlugin Auto-Inserter Plugin

Inserts automatically generated pictures into all posts, using the PixPlugin service


If you want to control where you display pics then  deactivate above plugin. Manually add

This code where you want images. And then add

<img src=http://www.pixplugin.com/images/dashed-description/filename.jpg>

‘dashed-description’ is a dashed list of terms based on which to find the image. For example, if you want a picture related to the stock market, do ’stock-market’.

‘filename’ is any name you choose to name the image. The only requirement is that it must end in ‘.jpg’.

If you aren’t happy with the picture that results, try adjusting the ‘dashed-description’ to be more clear or specific.

http://www.pixplugin.com/images/sad-face/image1.jpg it will display sad pic.

Not – b/w sad and face. It is important.

You can use all normal attributes in your <img> tag, to define size, alignment, javascript functions, hyperlinks, etc.



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