Add amazon product in Blog

In this post we will learn how to add any product in blog by using  account in Amazon. So its click earnings will go to my account. 🙂 I will tell you how you can make your own account.

First open below page

Sign up for the account. Every step is self explanatory here. After making account you will redirect to page with title
Thank you for applying to the Associates Program
here you will also receive unique associate id e.g. Your unique Associates ID is zeeshanmirza-20

 below this page there is a link name “get start now”. Click this link. Now add the ISBN number of  book in search box. The book with “GET Link” will come. Click on “get link” button that is present in front of book. Now you can style widget as you want. Once you done below is the HTML code present. Just highlight the code and copy it. Then move to dashboard. After sign in in dashboard. Open the post or page link and place the html code there. Continue this process until all the books added.

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