Create Iframe

IFrames are useful for a wide variety of content and especially for in-site navigation where you can use on to load pages or code snippets dynamically on a page without being an AJAX programmer and without using any javascript.

If you combine PHP with JavaScript you can do many things which almost look like AJAX – but are far simpler to implement as the only knowledge you would need is HTML and just a little bit of PHP for more advanced scripts.

If you don’t want to bother learning all of the below specifics, just go to our iFrame Generator and generate an iframe now.

Bare minimum iframe code:

  1. Opening tag
  2. iframe page source
  3. height of the iframe
  4. width of the iframe
  5. Non-iframe content (What to display in the users’ browser if they are not capable of viewing iframes.)
  6. Closing tag

Create iframe using interface

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